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Welcome, I'm Harumi Saito

I'm working as a teacher in high school. I love books, classic movies, and classical art.

Hello everyone, my name is Himari Kobayashi

As a florist, I love to arrange flowers and make people smile. The people I work with at the flower shop are like a family for me. Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Ayame Shimizu

I'm really into gaming, especially battle royale games but I also love to relax with a good manga, alone in a quiet place. I'm a student majoring in English and would really enjoy to travel and see the world.

Kon'nichiwa, call me Yuki

Being quiet myself most of the time, I like to relax at a pool and enjoy the sun. I also like to watch all sorts of anime. Even better, if I can cuddle at the same time!

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