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One of the most exciting things about anime characters is their fantastic variety of hairstyles. This is the most noticeable thing about these girls as pockets of anime girls take due diligence in spending ample amount of time at the beauty salon. There are many of these famous anime girl artworks available at different shops nowadays, let’s dive in and take a look:

Akebi Sasaki

Akebi Sasaki has always been a sporty individual, a phenomenal, beautiful and active. She keeps blonde slicked back hairstyles, which make her look as sharp and irresistible as a gunner. 

Queen Bee 

No doubt, Queen Been has got an adorable and wild hairstyle that makes guys run nut. So sexy, that many ladies envy her. No agency but tends to be more attractive than girls in real life; these are coupled with an endearing personality.


Mikoto quirky, and her playfully quaint short hair distinguishes her from the crowd. She possesses short hairstyles that differ and show us a real girl’s personality. It is a proper hairstyle for shy individuals, and that makes it her best fit coupled with the usual multiple piercings.

Utena Tenjou

She is one of those anime girls who rock the popular long anime hairstyles; this type of hairstyle makes her distinctive and pretty. It reveals more about her femininity, which offset the edgier aspects of her real self to a reasonable extent. This makes it the standard for a lead female character such as herself.

Aisha Codante

The royal hairstyles of Aisha Codante are nothing but a twist from the norms. It makes her elegant and contrasts quite well with her thin body frame. Another interesting thing about this oriental and intergalactic flair is its fittest on her body. It is simply WOW.

Olivier Mira Armstrong 

There is no denying it those blinding bangs which Olivier Mira makes it nothing but a heroine’s anime hairstyle. It is a cute hairstyle suited for such a tough and proficient military general like hers. Guess what? It is one of a kind hairstyle available nowadays at few shops.

Eri Ayase 

She is one of those lead characters who rock ponytails. Ponytails are quite popular in the anime girls industry. It is best suited for her dominant roles as it is such a blessed look to behold.

Above mentioned names are some of the famous anime girls as many of them depict the natural beauty God has bestowed women with naturally. No doubt, you will get to see the calm and pleasing part of the girls’ characters and the no-so-cool ones.

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