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Let’s face it, an anime girl with white hair is awesome. When they appear in anime or games, they not only stick out of the mass by their hair color. Let’s take for example YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) from the game Nier Automata. I mean, how much more badass could a white-haired anime girl be?

Anime girl with pure white hair or something subtle?

Often anime girls don’t have purely white hair. Something like a silver grey or rose grey adds a subtle, smooth touch. An example of the addition of a slight color is Shiro, from No Game No Life. She maintains a general white hair color while containing silver and rose elements as well. So she’s a perfect example for an anime girl with white hair with an interesting touch added.
Our personal taste definitely goes into the rose grey direction. But hey, everyone’s taste is different and when it comes to colors, there is no right or wrong.

Beautiful anime girls with white hair – we got you covered

We have white haired anime girls in our portfolio as well of course! Check out our original anime girls with white hair, or configure your own in our configurators. Take your time and play around with the anime girl creator until you’ve configured the anime girl of your dreams.

Not so much into configuring something yourself yet? In that case, we’re showcasing some of our illustrations. We’ve put together the following collection, which resembles some of the combinations of white-haired anime girls we considered particularly hot. It still makes sense to take take a look at our configuration pages from time to time, since we’re regularly adding new character sets from different artists!

You can configure all of those artworks in our shop using our anime creator.  Your search for anime girl hd images with white hair has ended here because we offer the best, royalty free anime girl illustrations on the net. And in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the anime creator, hit us up with a custom request.

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  1. I was just wondering, where did the last picture come from, and is it okay if I use it in something?

    1. All the pictures are our original content and you can purchase them in our Shop
      Purchased art is royalty free and can be used for personal and many commercial purposes.

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