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Independent Anime Artists often have a hard time making money from their art. Fan art usually can’t be sold because the artists don’t have a license for selling the intellectual property used in the fan art. Original art and original content on the other hand often does not get the same traction as fan art does, because there is no branding effect that kicks in.

If you are an artist interested in earning money with your artwork without infringing copyright and risking expensive lawsuites, then keep reading.

We Are Here to Help You

At anime-girl.com we help you making money with either your original character artworks or one of the personas we developed exclusively for anime-girl. We are a marketplace for digital artworks and merchandise for original characters.
In our opinion, you should get a good amount of the share when we make a sale since you are the creator of the artwork we sell. That’s why we compensate the artists with 95% (yes, that’s ninety-five percent) of the earnings when their artworks are sold after all transfer and product fees are deducted.

So How Does Our Art Affiliate Program Work Exactly?

First of all, it does not matter if you are a big or small artist. The only thing we truly care about is your skill in making art. We do not accept just any artist as we aim to provide a curated, high quality collection of artworks for our customers.

Artists from whom we accept artworks can submit them via email and we then take care of adding it to our shop and also create merchandise products from the artwork. You can submit as many artworks as you want. The only important thing is, that you own all the rights for the intellectual property used in the artwork or that you made fan art from one of our personas. Optionally, you can also tell us which price to set for your digital artwork. If you don’t submit a price together with your artwork, we will set our default price of 4.99$ for a non-exclusive, commercial license. For merchandise, we keep prices uniform throughout all submitted artworks.

When customers buy one of your submitted artworks, it gets tracked in our shop and at the beginning of each month, we pay out the earnings from the previous month directly to your PayPal account.

Why Our Art Affiliate Program Is the Right Thing For You

Keep Doing What You Love ♥

We believe that you as an artist should be free to care about what you really love and what you’re excellent in: creating art!
That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to get your artworks into our shop. Simply send us an email to art-upload(at)anime-girl.com and we take care of the rest. You can even send us additional instructions with the email, such as the pricing you want to have set.

We Take Care Of the Technical Stuff, so You Do Not Have to

This way, you don’t have to take care of setting up a shop, maintaing products and creating new products. We do all the technical stuff that’s necessary to get your products online and purchasable for customers.

You Got Ideas? We Listen!

We are not only a marketplace. Our mission is to support artists and help them making money, because first and foremost we are anime art enthusiasts! So if you have product ideas or any other ideas in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We listen and we care!

Sounds Great! So Which Artworks Can I Submit?

Your Artworks Featuring Your Original Characters

You can submit any artwork for which you own all the intellectual property. This means that you can submit all your artworks which feature your original characters.

Your Artworks Featuring One of the Anime-girl.com Personas

For anime-girl we developed some original characters. You can create fan art for these characters and submit them to us for adding them. We own all the rights for the characters and explicitly allow the creation of fan art which is sold in our shops.
By creating artworks of our original characters you can help building the brand for these characters and establish them in the anime art fanbase. That way those personas will get more traction and establish themselves as characters for which artists have an option to legally create artwork and earn money, including you!

Under What License Do You Sell My Art?

Our customers buy a non-exclusive, world-wide, non-transfarable, non-assignable license for personal and commercial use. They are not allowed to resell the digital artworks. You can read up on the full license terms under which we sell artworks here.

What Our Customers Use Your Artworks for

Our customers buy digital artworks for various reasons. We had people buy art to build up their very own clothing line. Others used art from anime-girl for their YouTube channel and we even had customers using the artworks in some physical models they made for design contests.

Excited? Send Us an Email!

Just reach out to us via email (contact@anime-girl.com) or dm us on Twitter @AnimeGirlCom. We are looking forward to supporting you in earning money from your art!

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