Measuring the popularity of different anime girls can be challenging, as the ways fans and viewers express their adoration vary widely between communities and over time. For example, some anime girls play leading roles in immensely popular, long-running shows, suggesting that they are known and at least well-liked by many viewers across an extended period. … Read more “The Most Popular Anime Girls Throughout History”

Independent Anime Artists often have a hard time making money from their art. Fan art usually can’t be sold because the artists don’t have a license for selling the intellectual property used in the fan art. Original art and original content on the other hand often does not get the same traction as fan art … Read more “Art Affiliate Program for Anime Artists”

Some anime girl names appear so frequently in different anime series that it can be hard to keep the characters straight. This shouldn’t be surprising since some of the most common anime girl names each have some common character traits associated with them. Of course, no two anime girls are the same (except maybe Shion … Read more “5 Of The Most Common Anime Girl Names”

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While the men in anime are known to often clash both in combat and in personality, some of the most intense rivalries in anime history have involved anime girls. The best anime girl rivalries are not limited to just contests of strength or fighting ability. Instead, anime girls tend to compete in academics, in power … Read more “Top 10 Best Anime Rivalries of All Time”

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One of the most exciting things about anime characters is their fantastic variety of hairstyles. This is the most noticeable thing about these girls as pockets of anime girls take due diligence in spending ample amount of time at the beauty salon. There are many of these famous anime girl artworks available at different shops … Read more “7 Anime Girls with Interesting Hairstyles”

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When it comes to shocking anime girls, it’s just more likely that the design or characterisation of all of a show’s female characters will alarm viewers moreso than that of any one of them in particular (looking at you, Uma Musume and Senran Kagura). Yet, when they do, anime girls rarely shock viewers in a … Read more “4 Anime Girls That Shocked Viewers”

Everybody knows that anime girls with short hair can be quite annoying but they are definitely cute and highly loveable. The Goth looking but kind Nana Osaki of the anime Nana; the awesome mech pilot Rei Ayanami of the anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion; the death god (shinigami) Rukia of Bleach; the cool and slightly scary … Read more “Get your Female Anime Character Artwork with Short Hair”