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Let’s face it, an anime girl with white hair is awesome. When they appear in anime or games, they not only stick out of the mass by their hair color. Let’s take for example YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) from the game Nier Automata. I mean, how much more badass could a white-haired anime girl be? Anime … Read more “Anime girls with white hair”

Welcome to the home of our beautiful anime girls. This site is dedicated to offer a wide range of the hottest and cutest anime girls. Not only will you find kawaii manga girls here, but real yandare too, if you prefer. Do you like teachers with a stern look and black hair? Looking for sexy … Read more “Welcome to anime-girl.com!”

An anime girl with black hair, though not as colorful as you might be used to, has her very own appeal. On anime-girl.com, we provide illustrations for every taste. We offer black hair versions as well of course! Here we showcase our top 15 black haired anime girls. Want to customize yourself? Then visit our … Read more “Anime girls with black hair – our top 15 original illustrations”