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Everybody knows that anime girls with short hair can be quite annoying but they are definitely cute and highly loveable. The Goth looking but kind Nana Osaki of the anime Nana; the awesome mech pilot Rei Ayanami of the anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion; the death god (shinigami) Rukia of Bleach; the cool and slightly scary mage Merlin of the Seven deadly sins (Nanatsu no Taizan); the list is endless.

Female anime characters with short hair are usually cool with an element of cuteness hidden in there (if you look close enough). Another common trait they possess is that they are usually very good at whatever field they specialize in. if you do not believe me, just ask the intelligent Akane Tsunemori of Psycho-Pass or the fighter Videl of Dragon Ball Z. As I said earlier “the list is endless” and we are not here to discuss only anime characters.

Check out our portfolio

Artworks of various anime characters are available. You can check out our portfolio and see a variety of anime girls with short hair. You will definitely be loving them. These girls’ hair come in a variety of colors for you to choose from to suit your taste. It is a possibility that the color might discourage you from loving a character. Well now, the color of the hair is entirely your choice.

Be a creator

Additionally, just in case – which is highly unlikely – you do not like any of the girls in our portfolio with short hair, you can be a creator yourself. You have the option of configuring the character of your dreams. Our configurators are always open to you to let your imaginative essence roam free. Be creative and let her be just as tough-looking or as beautiful or even a little bit of both as you imagine her to be.

Nevertheless, if you would like our characters but are not sure how to go about the whole configuration process, we have preconfigured illustrations available for you to purchase right away on our site.

So you can purchase any of our original artworks or you can create your own. From our original artworks, there are configurations of Harumi. The short hair on Harumi gives her a kind of mature charm in which her cold personality seems quite natural. Or our very own emo girl in Yuki. Yuki has short hair with a rose tattoo on her left shoulder. We also have Himari and many others.

So come visit our site regularly, choose any girl and tweak the clothes or hair color or the hairstyle in any way you want. You could even decide to add a tattoo. If you do not find a character that you feel is worthy enough, configure the short-haired girl of your dreams using our shop. Anime girls are cool, especially those with short hair. So do not miss out on all the fun of creating one in high resolution yourself.

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