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Today we announce a new configurable anime art release. Yuki on the Beach just hit the store!

The artist behind this amazing piece is Geos Sensei. An aspiring illustrator who delivers quality anime art.

The artwork comes with our permissive license for personal and commercial use and features a resolution of 4000 by 4000 pixels. It is perfect if you want to put it on print like shirts, cups, or other fun merch.

Geos did spend a lot of attention to details in this artwork. The following image shows all the configurable parts. Keep reading for more information on the different configuration options that this anime artwork offers.

Dress and Hair

Regarding hairstyle, you have two choices. You can either go with the ponytail shown in the sample above, or you can change it to a pigtail hairstyle. The colors range from her main color, blue, through a variety of intense colors to a deep, elegant black.

For the clothing, you have the choice between either the light summer dress shown in the sample or a dotted bikini. Either choice makes Yuki look really good. Again the color choices for the outfit of this anime artwork reach through a variety of lifely colors, but also include a simple white and an elegant black variant.


You can choose between either the blurry beach background shown in the sample above, plain white, or go with a transparent background with allows for easy use in a broad variety of applications.

Typical Anime Glasses

Glasses can be configured to be either visible or hidden. In our opinion, glasses make anime girls look super good! That applies to Yuki too, of course.

Eyebrow Piercing

Yuki as a persona is designed as an emo girl. So an eyebrow piercing fits her character and overall idea for that persona perfectly. If you don’t like it, you can configure the artwork so that the piercing is hidden though.


As mentioned before, the attention of detail that Geos spent on this anime girl is amazing. The configurable hair clip is just a little thing, but it’s those little details that bring our anime girls to life and make the artworks not just good, but amazing!


Geos added two sets of earrings for Yuki. So if you like earrings, you have a little selection to go through. In case you want to keep her without earrings, you can just hide them in the configurator.


Another neat detail is the bracelet that you can either show or hide through configuration. It’s another piece of detail that really adds to the depth of the artwork.


The necklace is simple, yet elegant. The small blue gem that was worked into the necklace perfectly fits the blue main hair color of Yuki.

Whatever configuration you choose in our anime configurator, Yuki will make a good fit for use in your videos, merch or simply as a screensaver!

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