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If you’re having a hard time figuring out which anime girl to feature as your next screensaver, we’ve made it easy by putting together a list of the coolest anime girls from the last few years. The list includes girls from anime shows and from our custom anime avatar maker. Check out our list below to see which of your favorite female anime characters have made the list. 

Mikasa Ackerman

Yes, Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan has a really cool story, but he’s nowhere near as powerful or talented as Mikasa Ackerman. She is smart, a natural-born killer, and will do anything to protect her friends, especially Eren. 

Ayame Shimizu

Ayame is every man’s dream anime girl. She loves gaming, especially battle royals, and is super cute. She also enjoys spending time on her own, reading a good manga.

Kyoko Jiro

Although she is still not a huge character in My Hero Academia yet, fans of the manga know just how incredible Kyoko is. Don’t be fooled by her slow start in the anime, in the manga she is a total hero, using her earphones as a whip as well as to create such loud sound waves that they literally shatter eardrums. Pretty cool, if you ask us.  

Himari Kobayashi

As sweet and beautiful as the flowers she works with, Himari is the perfect girl next door. She works as a florist and arranges flowers with amazing talent. One of her favorite hobbies is making people smile. The love she has for the people she works with at the flower shop is endearing, and gives you an idea of how loving she is.

Touka Kirishima 

Everybody loves a girl who can go from cute and girly to being able to kick some serious butt. Having a secret identity also makes her more mysterious and interesting, especially because her personality is so completely different depending on whether she is herself or Rabbit.

Harumi Saito

Harumi is super hot, but in a classy way. She is the type of anime girl that would look amazing in a button-up top or a potato sack. There’s no mistaking how gorgeous she is. And like we said, she is also really classy. She works as a high school teacher, loves to read, watch all the classics, and listen to classical music. 

Which of these top female anime characters do you want for your next digital art piece? Don’t forget to check out our anime girl maker to see how you can customize your favorite anime girl for yourself!

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