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Hi, I’m Ayame Shimizu. I’m really into gaming, especially battle royale games but I also love to relax with a good manga, alone in a quiet place. I’m a student majoring in English and would really enjoy to travel and see the world.

Persona Summary

Ayame is our gaming girl persona. We designed her with some of the typical gamer traits in mind. We’ll admit the group of gamers are mostly male, but there are a lot of gamer girls out there as well. Therefore we thought, “why not create an anime gamer girl”? A major group of gamers is aged between 18 and 35 years and has above-average education.
We combined that with our personal experience for very competitive gamers, like the “bad loser/winner” trait and a natural affection for junk food since that’s often the fastest way of getting something to eat (let it deliver 😉 ).

Persona Details


  • first name: Ayame    (meaning in jap: Iris; the one who can see perfectly)
  • last name: Shimizu  (meaning in jap: (shi) meaning “clear, pure, clean” and 水 (mizu) meaning “water”)
  • place of birth: Biei-cho (美瑛町), Hokkaido
  • date of birth: 20.05.2000


  • likes
    • games(mostly battle-royal games like PUBG/Fortnite)
    • esports
    • anime/manga
    • cosplay
    • would like to travel
    • likes to relax with a good manga alone in a quiet place
  • dislikes
    • girly/frilly clothes

Body traits

  • needs glasses or contact lenses
  • unathletic
  • loves junk food
  • slim
  • height: 165cm
  • small breasts

Personality, social habits and status

  • bad winner/loser
  • salty at times when it comes to gaming
  • very competitive
  • few but close friends
  • occupation: student
    • majors in English
    • would like to study abroad
    • average student
  • social status
    • upper middle class
    • single child
  • relationship status: single